Unilever Vietnam International Co., Ltd.

Thứ 5, 06/04/2023



Administrator, 06/04/2023

Viet Tin Security Services Co., Ltd has obtained many years of experience in providing professional security services in Vietnam and become a reliable partner of many major corporates including Unilever Vietnam International Company Limited, one of the important and long-term partners of Viet Tin.

Unilever Vietnam International Company Limited is one of the world\'s largest multinational corporations in the field of manufacturing and distributing personal care, household, and food products. With a large production scale and extensive distribution system, Unilever Vietnam always puts safety and asset protection on top in any activity.

Therefore, Unilever Vietnam finds it very important to select a reputable and quality security service provider. Having been cooperating with Unilever for years, Viet Tin has proven its trustworthiness and value.

In addition, Viet Tin is also proud to announce that the company\'s Director has been awarded by Unilever Vietnam for excellent performance in providing professional and effective security services, which has proven the professionalism, dedication, and responsibility of Viet Tin’s team in meeting the requirements of Unilever Vietnam.

Committed to providing high-quality and professional security services in all industries, Viet Tin has had its trustworthiness and value acknowledged by many major partners, including Unilever Vietnam International Co., Ltd.